I Will Be Meat for My Salish The Montana Writers Project and the Buffalo of the Flathead Indian Reservation

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I Will Be Meat for My Salish provides an authentic window into life on the Flathead Indian Reservation and pre-reservation Salish history. In the pre-reservation period, buffalo provided meat for the Salish as well as robes for bedding, skins for tepee coverings, clothing, footgear, sinew and bone splinters for sewing, and many other of life’s necessities. Integral to Salish spirituality and culture, buffalo had become scarce by the 1870s, when a young Salish man named Sam Walking Coyote captured a number of buffalo calves and brought them home to the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwestern Montana. The calves became the nucleus of the Pablo-Allard buffalo herd, which roamed the reservation until 1907. This domestic herd was instrumental in preserving the buffalo after their extermination on the Plains in the 1880s. Today some of the descendants of Walking Coyote’s calves still dwell on the National Bison Range, near Moiese, Montana, surrounded by the Flathead Reservation. The story of the Salish’s relationship to the buffalo, including their role in prot

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