Be My Huckleberry Hand Pies by Elle’s Belles Bakery


Be My Huckleberry Hand Pies by Elle’s Belles Bakery are swoon-worthy hand pies filled with luscious hand-picked Montana huckleberries and blueberries.  This package includes your choice of 6, 8 or, 12 Be My Huckleberry Hand Pies

  • Each 4″ hand pie serves 1 person
  • Hand Pies are individually wrapped

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Every small-batch order out of Elle’s country kitchen in Montana is some of the best you’ll ever stuff your face with. What makes a pie from Elle’s super special is that they hand-design each of these hand pies, making them truly unique gift that is impeccably packaged.

Each pie is handmade-per-order and is never shipped on the same-day of placing your order. Allow at least 24 hours for mixing, baking and packaging for shipping.

Elle’s Belles bakery was conceived in 2003 in Elle’s hometown of Bozeman, Montana—and life has been a lot sweeter ever since thanks to her beautiful tarts, cookies and more!