10 Best Made In Montana Gift Ideas

10 Best Made in Montana Gift Ideas

January 10, 2022

Montana is known as Big Sky Country. But few people realize that Montana is home to a wide variety of artisan and handmade products. These carefully crafted items that are made in Montana make the best gifts. Furthermore, there are many Made in Montana gift ideas that are unique to Montana. With this Made in Montana gift guide, we’ve found the best Made in Montana gift ideas to share with you.

1. Huckleberry Anything

Huckleberries are one of the most prized wild berries in Montana. You can find them growing in the mountains of Northwestern Montana. While they aren’t used often outside of the state, these plump purple berries are used to create a variety of Huckleberry products. For instance, there’s huckleberry vodka, huckleberry candy, huckleberry home decor, and more.

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Many of the grocery and specialty stores through Montana carry huckleberry flavored foods and huckleberry-themed items. If you’re near the Columbia Falls Area in Montana, it’s worth stopping by The Huckleberry Patch. They offer a wide assortment of wild huckleberry products like jams, fresh huckleberry pies, and other huckleberry flavored items.

2. Handmade 100% Montana Alpaca Wool Products

Bundle up with super soft items made from alpaca wool and made in Montana. Alpacas of Montana raises their own alpacas (over 120 of them!) in Bozeman, MT. They use their alpaca’s wool to hand-knit a variety of socks, hats, scarves, blankets, and other alpaca products to help you stay warm and stylish.

3. Montana Sapphires

Few people realize that Montana is home to the beautiful and unique Montana sapphire. This precious blue gemstone is mined in Montana and is known for its gorgeous blue and pastel colors. (And, pastel hues rarely occur outside of Montana sapphires which makes them extra special.) You can even visit a working sapphire mine in Montana to mine your own Montana sapphires!

Montana’s Mac’s Gems specializes in creating Montana Sapphire jewelry in a wide range of colors. You can purchase earrings, necklaces, rings, and other stunning, handmade Montana Sapphire jewelry online or on the Mac’s Gems Amazon store. This Montana Sapphire Ring is a popular Made in Montana jewelry gift.

4. Montana Bee Products

Few people realize that Montana often ranks in the top 5 states for honey production, with over 230 registered beekeepers. The hardworking honeybees in Montana help with more than just pollination. They also provide delicious Made in Montana honey and other bee-created products. For instance, these Beeswax Tea Light Candles from Serenibee Candle are made using honey from Montana hives.

Serenibee beeswax candles are hand-poured in Ennis, MT using 100% natural beeswax sourced from beehives in Montana. We love that these environmentally-friendly candles come in reusable steel candle holders and a reusable cotton bag.

5. Engraved Belt Buckle

If you wear pants (and honestly, who doesn’t at some point) there’s a good chance you’ll need to wear a belt. Instead of wearing a plain, bland belt, amp up your style with a Made in Montana belt buckle.

Based in Columbus, Montana, Montana Silversmith master engravers have been creating belt buckles in a variety of unique designs for over 45 years. Each of their belt buckle designs – from classic buckles to premium Western belt buckles – is created by their team of skilled silver craftsmen. If you’re in Bozeman, MT swing by the Montana Silversmiths Brand store. The store has their entire collection of jewelry and engraved belt buckles.

6. Gourmet Montana Roasted Coffee

While “Montana” might not be the first place you think of when you think of coffee, it is home to some amazing coffee roasters. Moreover, coffee beans roasted in Montana’s Rocky Mountains have their own unique characteristics and special flavor profiles. That’s one reason it’s one of the best Made in Montana gift ideas for coffee lovers.

If you’re in Bigfork, MT, stop at the Fieldheads Coffee Roasting Coffee Shop to enjoy their premium, Made in Montana specialty coffee blends.

7. Made in Montana Artwork by Local Artists

Montana is home to many great artists, photographers, and artisans. A walk through downtown Helena, MT offers many opportunities to browse Montana artwork, paintings, hand-crafted pottery, prints, and other truly unique Made in Montana gifts and home decor pieces.

This limited edition print by Billings, MT photographer Peter Herzog transports you to the Rocky Mountains, with a rushing stream and vibrant fall colors.

8. Handcrafted Montana Furniture

Decorate your home or patio with handcrafted, rustic furniture that’s made in Montana. Founded in 1991, Montana Woodworks manufactures all of their log furniture in Northwestern Montana. They offer a large collection of handcrafted, rustic log furniture and other decor items including beds, tables, and chairs. This Montana Woodworks Folding Adirondack Chair is a functional, decorative piece. It is perfect for lounging on the front porch or backyard.

9. Breathtaking Pictures of Big Sky Country

There’s a reason Montana is called Big Sky Country. Because of its wide-open spaces and vast skylines broken only by the majestic Rocky Mountains, the scenery in Montana is impressive and often breathtaking. And while you can’t take the scenery home with you, you can get a Montana calendar filled with exquisite photographs of Montana.

A Montana wall calendar is an affordable gift that showcases some of the best natural landscapes Montana has to offer – from its soaring mountains to wildlife, to the stunning Glacier National Park. Moreover, Montana calendars are readily available online and stores across the state,

10. Nourishing Made in Montana Soap & Skincare

Take care of your skin and look your best with the best beauty and skincare products made right here in Montana. One company that offers a variety of Made in Montana, natural skin care products is Windrift Hill. Based in Conrad Montana, Windrift Hill uses natural clay oxides, herbs, oils, and pure, farm-fresh goat’s milk to create their collection of goat’s milk-based soaps, lotions, and body butters. Their products are available online and on Amazon.

In conclusion, Montana offers a bounty of gifts that anyone would love to receive. These are just a few of the best Made in Montana gifts and products this beautiful and talented state has to offer. In addition to the items we’ve mentioned here, our Made in Montana store has even more Montana made gift ideas for every gifting occasion. Find the perfect Made in Montana gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Which of these Made in Montana gifts would you love to receive?

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